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Dropbox PSG Package - Acc Pro (Singapore)

As low as


per pax/ month*

Collaborate with your teams securely with Dropbox

Premium cloud storage service with up to 50% PSG grant support

Still struggling to store your team’s file in one place? Problems with assigning rights to team members?

Want to backup your files securely, automatically so employees can work from anywhere?

Dropbox is the solution to them all and more.

How Dropbox can help your business

Easily manage your remote team

Streamline team management with centralized visibility & delegation controls.


  • Simplified team management - Spend less time learning new tools, and more time taking action and viewing insights.

  • Enable modern work - Maximize performance and speed for your business while minimizing deployment and support costs.

Dropbox PSG Package - Acc Pro (Singapore)

Keep your data secure and compliant

Protect your organization and its data with industry leading security.

  • Advanced deployment tools - Fit Dropbox to your corporate structure, no matter your company’s size, industry, or location.

  • Stay compliant - Dropbox uses independent third-party auditors to test our systems and controls against some of the most widely-accepted security standards and regulations in the world.

  • Know that your data is safe with us - Advanced data protection methods ensures that your data is safe in our industry leading infrastructure.

Know what’s happening across your organization

Bring a new level of visibility into your data.

  • Performance at scale - Maintain high standards of performance, availability, and security.

  • Actionable insights - Expanded visibility into how your data is being used.

  • Surface potential security threats - Protect your business critical data through proactive security insights.

Dropbox PSG Package - Acc Pro (Singapore)
Dropbox PSG Package - Acc Pro (Singapore)

Empower Remote Workers

Work from anywhere, stay organized, and keep your team focused.

  • Get in sync - Keep coordinated across the team.

  • Be Organized - A single organized place for all of your content.

  • Stay Focused - Avoid distractions and do your most important work.

Get In Sync

Keep coordinated across your team.

  • Use your favorite collaboration tools - Keep your team’s files and the conversations about them in the same place by connecting tools like Slack and Zoom.

  • Team collaboration, any time, anywhere - Easily access your team’s work from your computer, mobile device, or any web browser.

  • Always Stay Up To Date - Get notified on the files you and your team are working on.

Dropbox PSG Package - Acc Pro (Singapore)
Dropbox PSG Package - Acc Pro (Singapore)

Be Organized

A single organized place for all of your content.

  • Quickly access your content anytime, anywhere - Get the flexibility to easily work and share from anywhere, on any device.

  • All your team’s work, at your fingertips - Worry less about local hard disk constraints with Dropbox Smart Sync.

  • Find the content you’re looking for - Access deleted user data and collect essential documents.

Stay Focused

Avoid distractions and do your most important work.

  • Intelligent Suggestions - Machine intelligence suggests files and folders at the right time to help keep your team one step ahead.

  • Find what you need faster - Search images with advanced image recognition, the text within your files, or by the people you work with.

  • Bring documents to life - Preview, open-from and save-to Dropbox across Office-365 and G Suite.

Dropbox PSG Package - Acc Pro (Singapore)
Dropbox Business Packages

As low as


per pax/


Up to 50% Productivity Solutions Grant (PSG)
Up to $10,000 SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC) for Eligible Employers*

*  Eligible employers for SkillsFuture Enterprise Credit (SFEC) will receive a one-off $10,000 credit to cover up to 90% of the out-of-pocket expenses on qualifying costs.

**  Terms and conditions apply.

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Once complete, go to the Business Grants Portal and download the step-by-step PDF guide on how to apply for the PSG Grant. In addition, you can download the SFEC claim step-by-step PDF guide.

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