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Corporate Secretary Services

Get a company secretary you can depend on

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Why Choose Us?


All your company documents, digital
No need to fly to Singapore to set up the company - set up and maintain a company in Singapore without needing to book a ticket.


Sign paperwork anywhere
All your paperwork can be signed by your shareholders and directors using e-signatures.


Super fast processing times

Don’t wait weeks for something to get done. We know you’ve got better things to do, and we’ll action your requests to get you going sooner.

Why Choose Us?

What We Provide

We provide full-fledged company secretarial services for companies in all stages of growth.


Annual return filing:
Annual return - a set of documents that indicate your company's financial health and status. 


AGM preparation:
Annual general meeting - a compulsory yearly procedure during which a company informs its shareholders about the financial situation and the shareholder's issue a resolution of approval.


Change of company name:
Having picked a new company name, you must validate it in ACRA.


Change of officers:
You need to report to ACRA if you appoint or fire a director, a company secretary or an auditor.


Change of corporate address:
If you decide to change your company's registered address. You will need to update ACRA.

business activity

Change of business activity:
if you decide to change your company's business activity. ACRA needs to be informed.


Transfer of shares:
Transfer of shares in a private limited company - a procedure when a shareholder sells all of his shares or some of them to a company or an individual.


Allotment of shares:
According to the Companies Act, Allotment of shares is a procedure of creating and issuing shares, either for new or existing shareholders.

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